Hi all!!  So I've seen this DIY many times on my favorite website and I have always wanted to try it!  So here it is; the T-shirt scarf!!

This has got to be the easiest DIY ever, all you need is a pair of scissors and an old t-shirt or two.  I chose to use two shirts for this round to make it a little thicker than my first attempt.  The tie-dye shirt I used was made by my wonderful friend Izzy and looks awesome, but is way too small and the second is a shirt that was shrunk unmercifully in the dryer in my dorm.

First lay out your t-shirt, or shirts, flat and align the seams.  Cut off the seam at the bottom of the shirt and any side tags.

Next, cut your shirt into strips about an inch or two thick all the way up to the sleeves.  The thinner you cut the strips the more the shirt will stretch.

After you have cut your shirt, stretch each piece individually to approximately the same length, it doesn't have to perfect.  I would suggest stretching them from the seams otherwise your strips might rip in half at the seams.

Gather all of your strips up and align the seams, you can also adjust the lengths of the strips to all be the same before you tie them together.

Pick a string to use as a tie and cut it in half at the seam.  Wrap the strand around the seams.

Tie your string off and cut off the excess, leaving about an inch or two.  Use the scissors to tuck the extra string under the wrap.

Some of the tutorials I watched suggested that you tie both seams.  I decided to just tie the one side on this scarf but on my first try I tied both.  I only used one shirt on my first attempt as well, it ended up a little longer but not as thick.  Here is my first attempt;


Beautiful!  Right?  
I hope you all have fun with your t-shirt scarves!  You can experiment with braided strands and multiple shirts.  

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!!