Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saint Baldrick's

Hello everyone!

This post is in honor of one of my classmates that died this past weekend from childhood cancer.  I had many classes with Nate through out my high school career and he was always so happy and sweet, you rarely saw him without a smile on his face.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who feel his loss, especially his family.

A few of my classmates back home are organizing fundraising through Saint Baldrick's for childhood cancer research.

In honor of Nate, let's work to raise money for research on this devastating disease that has effected so many.

You can donate online by going to;


You can learn more about St. Baldricks by going to their website at;


You can get more information about the event for Nate in Parker, Colorado you can go to their facebook page at;


Sometimes the best sort of support is silent, through prayers and silent support.  Thanks to all of my followers for their prayers and support!!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello everyone!!  I hope you all enjoyed the fashions and films at the Oscars!!

There is a listing of all the winners at oscar.go.com  I was surprised at all the awards Hugo received, I've never seen the movie but I definitely will after everything they won!

The Artist for best film was not a surprise, but also not really as satisfying as I would have hoped.  However, I was so happy that Jean Dujardin won best actor!!

I was also SO excited Octavia Spencer won for best supporting!!  The Help is such fantastic movie and she did such a great job, she looked gorgeous, and her speech was ADORABLE.

My best dressed??

Mila Jovovich in Ellie Saab....love it ALL!!  I am a sucker for old fashion glam hair and make up and she executes it flawlessly.  Her skin tone looks fantastic with this shimmery cream color and those EYES-jealous!!

I also loved Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen!  This is a hard color combo to pull off and she looks AMAZING!!  Her hair is fantastic too, I wish I could be a red-head!!  Flawless!

Both best dressed ladies were definitely a surprise for me.  What do you think??

Thursday, February 23, 2012


My big brother is a celebrity!!  Clay plays basketball at Colorado School of Mines in Golden Colorado.  They are climbing up the D2 ladder and have a huge chance at the championship this year!!

Watch their feature at www.youtube.com!!

My brother, Clay!  Isn't he precious!!
(Sorry ladies...he's taken)

You can also check out their schedule and cheer on the Ore Diggers by going to their website; www.csmorediggers.com

Here's the team!

PS- Check out my newest review post on my Reviews Page!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oscar Week!

Hey all!!

I hope I am not the only one with Oscar fever!!  This weekend cannot come soon enough!!  Check out all of the nominations at http://oscar.go.com/nominees and give me all of your opinions!!  I actually haven't watched that many of the movies nominated for best picture, so I need to catch up!!  I have seen The Help and The Artist and loved them both!!  As for my pick of the two, I vote for The Help.  It has a more controversial story line that seems to be a favorite of the Oscars.  However, poles are showing The Artist as the winner!!  Either way I would be happy, I am in love with both movies!

And don't forget red carpet interviews!!  I love award season because it always makes me want to wear pretty dresses.  My pick for best dressed at the Grammy's were Carrie Underwood and Jessie J.--gorgeous!!


The most popular votes for best dressed seemed to be Rihanna and Fergie.  I for one LOVED Rihanna's dress, but not her hair or really the shoes.  Fergie's dress was a FANTASTIC color but, I am not a fan of the big black granny panties, it ruined a perfectly good dress.  I would have liked to see it with a nude lining. 

I can't wait to see what's in store for us at the Oscars!!

What do you think??  Who will be best dressed at the upcoming Oscars and who will show up in a surprise??  Any recommendations for favorite nominated film??  I am ALWAYS looking for a good movie :)

Happy Oscar week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade Soothing Face Mask

Hey all!!  Enjoying your Valentines Day!?  If you don't have plans tonight or if you just need some relaxing afterwards try a soothing homemade face mask!!  It's really easy and really cheap (my trademark).  I found this recipe online at http://elqalatawy.hubpages.com, and altered it to include ingredients that could be found already around your home or dorm.

Soothing face mask, what you need;

1 Tblsp of Yogurt (full fat is the best, but whatever you have)
1 Tblsp Honey (I have some for tea, but you can snag a packet from your cafeteria as well)
1 Tblsp Aloe Vera Gel (I used Vicks Vapo rub, you can use anything "tingly")
A few drops of Chamomile oil (I just used the Chamomile tea I had in my dorm)

My version of ingredients;

First, wash your face and pat dry.  

Add all of your ingredients into a bowl and stir.

For the Vicks Vapo Rub, I heated mine up in the microwave for a little bit to make it easier to combine.  You could also use Aloe Vera Gel if you have some, mint or eucalyptus oils, or anything "tingly".  You will have to adjust the amount for the amount of "tingle" you want.

For the Chamomile, since I didn't want to go out and buy the gel, just wet the tea bag in a little bit of hot water and squeeze it out into your bowl.  Be careful how much water ends up in the bowl because too much will make it hard to mix to the right texture.

Apply to face and let sit for 20 minutes, or how ever long you feel like being soothed, then wash off with warm water!!

I couldn't get the texture of mine to look like the one on http://elqalatawy.hubpages.com probably because I used household ingredients, but my face felt very soothed :). 

Go to http://elqalatawy.hubpages.com to check out other versions of this same mask for dry or oily skin or an exfoliating version!  There is also information about what the ingredients do for your skin.

I hope you have a wonderful and SOOTHING Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thought you couldn't make Valentines Day goodies in your dorm??  Think again!!  I have modified a recipe to make THE BEST FUDGE right in your microwave, for under 5$, in about 5 minutes.  It's basically amazing.

All you need to make your fudge is a 12oz bag of your favorite baking chips (I used chocolate chips and peanut butter chips), a teaspoon of vanilla, a can of sweetened condensed milk, a microwave safe bowl, a spoon, and either a plate or a butter dish.

Add your chips to the microwaveable bowl (i used a plastic container because that's what I had) and melt the chips in the microwave.  I didn't have any trouble with the chocolate burning, I just heated in increments of 15 seconds, stirring in between.  You can use a microwave double boiler if you really want to, just google it!!  I also used mini chocolate chips, they melt faster.

Next, add the can of sweetened condensed milk and stir.  Once they are combined cook in the microwave for 1 minute.

Remove your bowl and stir in 1 tsp of of vanilla.  At this point you can also add nuts, or maraschino cherries, or anything else that sounds good to you.

After the vanilla is completely combined, pour your fudge into the butter dish or plate.  The container doesn't matter much as long as it has walls to keep the fudge in and is big enough to hold it all.

Place your fudge in the fridge over night, or for about 8 hours.

After 8ish hours take out and enjoy!!!  

This is seriously the best fudge EVER!  You can make any flavor you wish, as long as you can find a 12oz bag of it.  You can also add nuts or chopped up toffee or dried fruit to add flavor.

Have fun making your fudge!!  Share your combinations and any questions or tips in the comment box below.
Now go enjoy your Valentines Day with some AMAZING homemade sweets!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Check out my DIY!!

Hey all!!  I just posted the first of my Valentines Day excitement!  Check out the DIY page by clicking the icon on the right of the page or the tab right under my banner above this post!!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Fall in Love with Valentines Day!!

Hello everyone!  I know it is just the beginning of February, but you all know what February means...Valentines Day!!  Now I know that many girls are very bitter about Valentines Day, and I am determined to change the single girl's hatred of this awesome holiday!!

I am speaking from experience here, I have been single for every Valentines Day of my life.  I understand how especially the single girl could feel hatred to this holiday that seems to point an accusing finger at anyone who doesn't have a dozen roses and chocolates thrown at her on the 14th.  BUT Valentines Day could be a single girls dream!!

Valentines day is the greatest excuse to eat candy, watch mushy movies, lounge, put your feet up, and just take some me time!!  Whether you prefer a girls night or a nice hot bath, it is a holiday to indulge without guilt!!

SO, I have set up some fun posts for everyone to make your Valentines Day all about you and not all about someone you don't have, why would you want to waste an awesome day like Valentines Day on a guy that is no less than perfect anyway!?!

Here is the line up!  For single and taken girls alike, INDULGE!!  It's a girls holiday :)

  • DIY- shirt scarf!! (super cute, trust me)
  • Homemade yogurt face masks (can be altered for ALL types of skins)
  • Microwave fudge!  (Haven't decided what kind yet, perfect to make in a dorm)
  • Mushy movie reviews (for my favorite love stories; Moulin Rouge and Tristan and Isolde...oh ya)
  • Anything else you want to suggest to make your day AWESOME!! And all about YOU!!