Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Hey all!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!  I know I am :).  This week is my Spring Break!!  While at first I was jealous of all my friends going to awesome places like LA, Cabo, and Panama Beach for Spring Break, I am learning that any time off can be GREAT time off!!

Cabo, where my roommate is...ok maybe I'm still a little jealous

This weekend I got to spend some quality time with my brohaw and his girl for St. Patty's day!!  It was great to catch up and hang out :)  TODAY my mom and I had a girls day and went SHOPPING!!  

I have holed up in our guest bedroom's gigantic California King bed and have done nothing I don't want to do since I got home!!  I have done nothing but eat, sleep, watch movies, and read.  Spring Break should be my job!!

My book of choice today is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  I have seen the movie so many times and absolutely loved it so I decided to read the book!!  So far Austen's writing is flawless and endlessly entertaining (review coming soon!!)

Isn't this a cute cover??

I have also been watching movies like it's my JOB.  Some that I have watched include Robin Hood Men in Tights (HILARIOUS), Anger Management (also HILARIOUS), and Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (always a classic favorite).   Tonight I'm going to choose between The Town, which I picked up at the library today and Extraordinary Measures which my grandparents gave me. I can't wait to watch!!  A review for one of them will be coming your way soon!!

Looks cool right?  (And who doesn't like Ben Affleck??)

This is my LAST WEEK to be an insane sweet freak, so I am indulging in a big way!!  You've got to have delicious food in bed with you while watching a movie or reading, it's a Spring Break rule!  Probably to my great disadvantage, I have discovered Betty Crocker Warm Delights.  They are dangerously delicious!

Does that look amazing, or does that look amazing?
I recommend fudgey chocolate chip cookie :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their week whether they are on Spring Break or not, remember to live a joyful life sometimes we have to learn to indulge!!  Watch a movie, read a book, or maybe just lie in bed doing nothing!  It's important to remember what the good life is, and keep it around in the midst of our everyday stressful life!

PS- Healthier Posts coming soon I promise!!  Give me a break, it's my week off :)


  1. love those times when you just have life all to yourself and you can relax - days of sleeping, eating and reading sound wonderful :) if you are low on things to watch - try psych on netflix. its become my go to comic relief recently :)

    1. OMG you were so right!! I love netflix lol thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. I know we all always wish we could take a huge vay cay every time we get a break, but sadly money doesn't always allow that :( Looks like you are still having a great time and making them ost of your spring break!

    So glad I foudn your blog today! You are adorable!

    new follower :)
    (hurry over- I'm giving away earrings today!)

    1. Bonnie- You are too sweet!! I'll totally check it out!!

  3. I saw your post on glasses usa. I would love to see a post on a foundation that helps get prescriptions and glasses to people who can not afford them or products along those lines- I am actually working on getting an interview with someone from toms! (

    and AH! looks so warm and delightful!! I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! I hope you can stop by my blog and follow me back, I would love feedback too! ^_^

    God bless

    1. That sounds awesome!! I love Toms and their mission!!

      You're blog is so cute!! I'm your newest follower!!! :)


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