Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow in Tulsa!

It snowed in Tulsa!!  Being from Colorado, I LOVE SNOW!!  You can imagine excitement when we walked out of the TU men’s basketball game (which we won woop woop!) and found snow falling to the ground!!!!

Naturally, I had to show these southern kids how to have a real snowball fight!!  It was also a must to document this amazing phenomenon!!  Snow in Tulsa!!  The snow was so beautiful and I had a ton of fun!!

Isn’t it pretty!?  The flowers are still colorful and the grass is still green because it hasn’t gotten cold enough here yet!

AMMO!!  We totally won the snowball fight….

Fun with iPhoto!  My camera is not very high quality so it got all smudged and foggy while I was taking pictures.  I was able to take a few fun photos using my smudge (like the first one in this series) and then sharpen them up in iPhoto, but for the most part many of my pictures were very out of focus or had weird fog patches.

Bailey’s snow angel!!  Perfection!!

I hope it snows again soon!!  This is only my first year in Tulsa but from what I’ve heard it might be a while, maybe by then I’ll have saved up enough for a better camera and those southern kids learned a little from their experience (INVEST IN SOME GLOVES!)

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