Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to imCarly!!

Hello and welcome to imCarly! my blog documenting my adventures as a student, an athlete, and a daughter of Christ.  I decided to use my first post to tell you a little bit about myself!

First of all I am a volleyball player studying at the University of Tulsa.  We were Conference Champs this year!! Woop woop!  There will probably be a post coming up about our rings soon J.

Here in Tulsa wonderful friends, family and teammates support me; I don’t know how I could do it with out them!  I am originally from Colorado, and that is where my wonderful family lives now!  My big brother plays Basketball at Colorado School of Mines and my little sister is a wonderful high school junior just loving life!

As a broke college kid, I enjoy DIY, books, movies, photos, and BLOGGING!!  I’m so excited to share my adventures with all of you!!!  I’m new to this whole blogging thing so feel free to comment as much as you would like!!  I would love suggestions or any requests you might have!!!

God bless!!

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