Friday, February 3, 2012

Fall in Love with Valentines Day!!

Hello everyone!  I know it is just the beginning of February, but you all know what February means...Valentines Day!!  Now I know that many girls are very bitter about Valentines Day, and I am determined to change the single girl's hatred of this awesome holiday!!

I am speaking from experience here, I have been single for every Valentines Day of my life.  I understand how especially the single girl could feel hatred to this holiday that seems to point an accusing finger at anyone who doesn't have a dozen roses and chocolates thrown at her on the 14th.  BUT Valentines Day could be a single girls dream!!

Valentines day is the greatest excuse to eat candy, watch mushy movies, lounge, put your feet up, and just take some me time!!  Whether you prefer a girls night or a nice hot bath, it is a holiday to indulge without guilt!!

SO, I have set up some fun posts for everyone to make your Valentines Day all about you and not all about someone you don't have, why would you want to waste an awesome day like Valentines Day on a guy that is no less than perfect anyway!?!

Here is the line up!  For single and taken girls alike, INDULGE!!  It's a girls holiday :)

  • DIY- shirt scarf!! (super cute, trust me)
  • Homemade yogurt face masks (can be altered for ALL types of skins)
  • Microwave fudge!  (Haven't decided what kind yet, perfect to make in a dorm)
  • Mushy movie reviews (for my favorite love stories; Moulin Rouge and Tristan and Isolde...oh ya)
  • Anything else you want to suggest to make your day AWESOME!! And all about YOU!!

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